mandag den 12. september 2011

Danish Bouldering Championships 2011 - NJK

Friday afternoon my friend Cille and I took the bus from Valby to Aalborg. We arrived late at the climbing gym, where we were went straight to sleep around 22.30. After a good nights sleep we woke about eight o’clock, and said good morning to all the other juniors from the other clubs (and of course also from my own club). That was a nice way to begin the day. After eating some delicious breakfast, I hung around chatting with all my climbing friends. At nine o’clock the registration began.
     We were going to climb ten qualification problems. I was in the girls-under-sixteen group, and we were only six climbers. Despite the number of competitors in my group was not very big, I knew that I would get some strong competition anyway. I especially expected competition from two of the girls from Aarhus and one from Roskilde. As we would be four going to the finals, I was quiet sure that I should at least reach the finals. We started climbing 10.30 and I was a bit nervous, but nothing special. Every climber in the junior team I’m a part of (from Copenhagen Climbing club), had got these really cool bracelets from our trainers. It was a karma spreading bracelet. On it was a illustration of Spiderman.
     The gym was full of good energy and everybody cheered each other on and provided beta. My qualification went very well, and I managed to flash all the ten problems. I was ranked first and now it would be the finals that mattered.
     After some hours, we went to the isolation. We had to climb five different problems, and after the problems were presented for us, it was back to the isolation and start warming up. I thought that some of the last problems they had shown us looked very hard. One of them - an orange one -  we had been shown, none of us could read. It had a lot of holds, but not all of them looked very good.
     After a small half hour, it was my turn to climb the first problem in the finals. It was built on an outdoor boulder mushroom, and had grey holds. It was not very difficult, and I onsighted it. The second final-problem was with red holds, and also built outdoors but on a small overhanging wall. I also onsighted this problem, as it wasn’t so hard either, even though the last move was a bit reachy. The third final-problem was the strange orange problem. I was a bit nervous when I was going to climb it, because I didn’t know what to do. I fell down twice, but the third time I found the correct beta and topped. The fourth final-problem was technical with black holds. I also onsighted this problem, and now only one problem remained. The last and fifth final-problem had green holds, and a technical start with quiet bad holds. The last move was a long move from one jug to another. I happily topped this one in first attempt too, and I was satisfied with my own climbing.
     I won my age category, and retained my Danish Championship title. It had been an enjoyable day with all my friends and a lot of good bouldering.

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